Presence of IT (POIT) has had a long history with AGL, spanning back to the first implementation of SAP in 1998. POIT were recommended to AGL as a company that wouldn’t just implement SAP, but would look at the whole picture and bring on board a vast amount of knowledge and experience. Bing Lim of AGL has praised POIT, saying: “Most companies provide one side of the solution. POIT would look at the whole problem.”

The partnership with AGL has provided POIT with an extensive knowledge of their business processes, giving them the ability to perform technical and business functions as required, even to the point that POIT can provide staff to fill in at AGL when required. POIT are also called upon to provide reviews for any new business requirements or processes, offering the best solutions when it comes to SAP HR/Payroll.


POIT have always displayed a first class technical knowledge of SAP which is why AGL decided to go with POIT from the beginning. Bing Lim feels they provide, “a commitment to user’s requirements,” which is what differentiates them from other SAP consultants. Overall, POIT have the advantage over other consultants through their strength in communication. They communicate well, and understand AGL’s individual needs. POIT’s constant focus on the solution, and understanding that targets have to be achieved within company timelines have consistently produced results for AGL.


Bing Lim-AGL: “When I need something done, I go to Presence of IT. They deliver.”

 POIT is a company that has made a niche market for themselves in Australian business culture. Mr. Lim says he knows he can rely on POIT because they are across everything locally that has a bearing on their business. They have experience in the Australian market that can’t be replicated and have the unique ability to cross reference a problem with other companies they deal with and come up with a solution even when the time frame is critical.

 Presence of IT, a company AGL know they can rely on.