Endeavour Foundation

Endeavour Foundation goes to the cloud for HR/Payroll with PeopleExpress from Presence of IT

Endeavour Foundation is one of the largest non-government disability service providers in Australia with 3,500 employees across multiple awards.

One of Queensland’s oldest charities, Endeavour Foundation was founded in 1951 by a group of parents who refused to accept that their children with an intellectual disability couldn’t be educated. Through their early efforts, the organisation has grown into one of the leading disability support services in the country, with a goal of providing opportunities for people with a disability so that they may participate in the everyday life of the community.

Based in Brisbane, Endeavour Foundation operates in 234 locations across Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria. The organisation supports people with a disability in more than 4,000 placements. In 2012, Endeavour Foundation decided to implement PeopleExpress – a cloud-based HR/Payroll solution based on PeopleSoft HCM.



Cost pressures and future plans drove the need for a cloud-based integrated HRIS solution that is scalable to better meet current needs and enable swift integration for future growth.

CompanyName: Endeavour Foundation
Location: Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria
Industry: Not-for-Profit
Products: Disability Services
Employees: 3500
Website: endeavour.com.au

Solution:Cloud-based PeopleExpress solution


  • Self-Service and Mobile solution (smartphones and tablets)
  • HR Administration
  • Payroll
  • Time and Labour
  • Rostering
  • Absence Management
  • Finance Integration
  • Security and Audit Reporting

Product: PeopleExpress (based on PeopleSoft HCM v9.1)
Delivery: 9 months



Endeavour Foundation was using a number of different systems to capture, use and report HR information. This resulted in duplication of data, inconsistency of information and required a high level of manual involvement. Seeking a greater capability to effectively and consistently manage employee data and to extract, analyse and report HR/Payroll data, Endeavour Foundation mangaged Presence of IT to assist in implementing a cloud-based HRIS solution that met the following key objectives:

Good value for money (considering the initial and recurring costs associated with the solution)
Replace the current disparate HR systems and databases with a streamlined and coherent combined system
Reduce manual processes and interventions such as filling in pay variation forms and manual retrospective pay calculations


Following a period of discovery, Presence of IT recommended that Endeavour Foundation implement its PeopleExpress (based on PeopleSoft HCM) cloud-based solution:




A number of workshops were run to understand Endeavour Foundation’s requirements aligned to out of the box PeopleExpress functionality.




During this phase we worked with Endeavour Foundation to create a customised solution containing the organisation’s specific business rules, EBA/award conditions and employee data.




Following the transition to Go-Live, Presence of IT provides system maintenance support for all bugs and issues associated with the PeopleExpress solution subject to a service-level agreement.




Endeavor Foundation has achieved its business goal of a cloud-based HRIS platform. Partnering with Presence of IT provided Endeavour Foundation with a single and secure platform to run a Payroll Bureau Service that will reduce manual processing while offering good value for money.

A Scalable Solution
Endeavour Foundation wanted an innovative, integrated and cost-effective Human Resources Information System solution in a private cloud that would offer the flexibility to deploy additional functionality, such as Performance Management and on-line Recruitment. The system also needed to allow for future growth and the possibility of amalgamations within the sector. The PeopleExpress solution met these core fundamental requirements out of the box.

Compliant Solution
PeopleExpress is built on PeopleSoft HCM – a system that has been used in Australia for over 15 years by more than 500,000 employees and has consistently met Australian legislative compliance requirements.

A Mobile Solution
Out of the box, PeopleExpress is available on smartphones and tablets and all Endeavour Foundation employees can access manager or employee self-service transactions and manager dashboards, providing access to employees away from a desktop or laptop computer.

An Automated Award Intrepreter
Endeavour Foundation has separate agreements covering the different needs of the organisation, from retail, warehousing, administration and commercial to agreements covering disability support staff. These are easily incorporated into PeopleExpress. Each employee is linked to the relevant agreement within the system, allowing the integrated Award Interpreter to correctly determine their pay and conditions.

Manager Dashboards & Reporting
PeopleExpress provides a Manager Dashboard that consists of a set of pagelets where managers can quickly and easily view, update and analyse human resource information about their direct report workforce.


“Presence of IT has worked closely with Endeavour Foundation to deliver a cloud-based solution which enables us to manage complex Payroll and HR functions within one scalable, custom-built system. As a result we are able to deliver our HR and payroll functions with efficiency and reliability, and have the flexibility we need to respond to a changing sector and workforce.”

David Barbagallo, CEO Endeavour Foundation



Presence of IT’s PeopleExpress HR Payroll platform enables our customers to realise quality outcomes with minimised risks, implementation costs and delivery time frames.

The benefits of partnering with Presence of IT is our:

  • Business focus
  • Ability to deliver
  • Culture
  • Resources
  • Product knowledge
  • Tools and accelerators


For more information about Presence of IT, the Presence of IT PeopleExpress HR Payroll platform and the personalised service we offer, contact our experienced professionals to discuss how we can help you achieve your business outcomes. oclpresales@presenceofit.com.au