Incitec Pivot Limited

Many companies have mature analytics and reporting solutions for their financial and operational functions. Few have good analytics solutions for HR, even though HR is often central to their business. Incitec Pivot Limited (IPL) found themselves in this position and engaged Presence of IT (POIT) to assist them in getting a HR reporting solution off the ground.

IPL is a leading global chemicals company who has been working with SAP BW for several years, incorporating most areas of its business with the exception of HR. Gathering basic demographic and headcount information was a time consuming process and the company found it hard to gain insights into how their workforce was structured and how it was changing over time. At the same time POIT had been developing a packaged BI solution which IPL agreed to be the pilot given that the packaged solution appeared to be a very good fit.

 The “POIT HR Analytics: Demographics Package” consists of 22 SAP BW reports and a SAP Business Objects (Xcelsius) dashboard focussing on Turnover. The reports cover the areas of headcount, FTE and personnel actions such as new hires, terminations, promotions and other HR actions. Also included in the package are reports incorporating employee performance measures which allowed IPL to include a set of data they had on the performance of employees . The selection of reports concentrates on a range of demographics characteristics such as gender, age, length of service and presents this information using the organisational structure from the SAP ERP system. The reports show the data using trends and percentage share when appropriate, thus enabling IPL to easily focus on the insights gained from the raw data.

The reports are built in SAP BW with great flexibility for the users to filter and slice and dice the information in many different ways, resulting in thousands of possible combinations of characteristics and drilldown capabilities.

IPL now has a comprehensive suite of demographics reports which they can build on. POIT has structured the InfoCubes and other objects which store data in the BW system using the widely accepted best practice Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) architecture. Also, many SAP standard business content objects are utilised.  As such, the solution can be easily expanded in the future by any internal or external BW resource.

Since the solution was packaged by POIT the implementation time and cost was far less than would normally be the case. The cost was low and fixed, and POIT was able to implement the package in only 17 days. POIT expects the implementation time will get shorter in future implementations.
IPL has been very happy with the reports and users have expressed surprise at how much has been achieved in such a short time.
Traditionally BI projects follow a Waterfall system development lifecycle which involves spending time gathering requirements, analysing systems, identifying gaps and designing a solution before you start implementing. Using Agile BI techniques with the POIT packaged solution, these phases are compressed because most of the work has already been done.   
The benefit of this package is that it can provide a quick and effective solution to cover a majority of reporting needs in the HR area.