Powercor Australia

Powercor have been receiving SAP HR and Payroll support from Presence of IT’s (POIT) since the inception of their office in Melbourne. POIT have performed countless implementation and integration exercises since then, with POIT playing a significant role in the upgrade of SAP version 4.6, the first upgrade of this version of SAP to be performed in Australia.


POIT also performed the seamless integration of the Citipower business (350emps) with the Powercor system. One of POIT’s greatest attributes when performing such implementations is the ability to cause minimum disruption to the day-to-day running of a business, whilst still managing to seamlessly integrate a system to the current infrastructure.

Tony Matheson, Manager of SAP applications at Powercor, has had a long relationship with the team at POIT and has praised their skill and technical knowledge saying, “SAP Payroll is quite a complex area. We have some pretty skilled people in that area ourselves, but the depth of knowledge that POIT possess is on the next level.”

Tony has said that POIT work with your company, becoming part of your team rather than being an outside company with a different agenda. He has also paid tribute to POIT’s ability when it comes to SAP HR and Payroll services in Australia saying, “They are one of the best, if not the best payroll support company in Australia.”