19 March 2010

To Whom It May Concern


We were introduced to Presence of IT in March 2009 at the Mastering SAP HR/Payroll conference.  We had been using SAP Payroll and Kronos for some time.  For numerous reasons the SAP and Kronos systems had never communicated correctly with each other.  This resulted in hours of manual keying each week.  We were at a point where we were considering the long term viability of the joint solution.


We ascertained at the conference that Presence of IT had skilled staff in both SAP Payroll and Kronos.  We engaged Presence of IT to jointly review the set-up of SAP and Kronos and within a relatively short period of time their consultants defined a solution which allowed SAP and Kronos to communicate correctly.  In addition, Presence of IT reviewed our EBA and implemented necessary changes within the Kronos system which then interfaces with SAP Payroll.  Presence of IT also configured our reporting requirements for checking the payroll from Kronos to SAP.  The end result was a fully automated solution across Time Collection, Award Interpretation and Payroll saving as up to 8 man hours each week.


We are currently speaking to Presence of IT about automating ESS/MSS functions across SAP and Kronos to enable more effective cost control.  We are also implementing further compliance changes required in Kronos to meet recent EBA changes.


We were impressed by Presence of IT in terms of professionalism, skills related to SAP and Kronos and their ability to get the job done.


Yours sincerely

Sonia Pilosio 

Remuneration & Benefits Manager