Business Case Development



When you engage Presence of IT to develop your Human Capital related business case, you gain access to specialists who are experienced in aligning expected project outcomes with the broader business initiatives.

Once the business initiatives are understood, our subject matter experts are used to design an appropriate project plan giving greater consideration to those items that are expected to yield the highest return. In our experience the overall effect of this approach can reduce your payback period by up to 50%


A business case is a tool that supports planning and decision-making, including decisions about whether to buy, which vendor to choose, and when to implement. Business cases are generally designed to answer the question: What are the likely financial and other business consequences if we take this or that action?

A good business case shows expected cash flow consequences of the action over time, and most importantly, it also includes the methods and rationale that were used for quantifying benefits and costs. This is important because every business case in a complex environment, requires assumptions, and the development of new data. The case, in other words, is built from information that goes beyond existing budgets and business plans.

Our business case will provide you with:

  • Reasons and Requirements
  • Scope
  • Options
  • Benefit, Risks, Cost and timescale
  • Investment appraisal, and assumptions
If you have a need for expert advice in Business Case development, Contact Us for a discussion.