Due Diligence



“Due Diligence" is a term used when investigating a business, vendor, product or person prior to signing a contract. Whilst it can be a legal obligation in events such as mergers and acquisitions, the term is more commonly applied to voluntary investigations.

Presence of IT - Human Capital Services offers independent and product agnostic due diligence support services to clients in the areas of Human Capital Management, HR systems selection, HR outsourcing and organisational culture.


Performing a due diligence investigation, implies that you have already identified a vendor, product or service – you now need an independent party to help ratify your decision and identify concerns that may affect your decision. You may require a complete due diligence service covering a wide array of activities, or something relatively simple such as checking a SLA document. Our specific services include:


  • HR effectiveness review
  • HR technology review
  • Organisation and workforce review
  • Talent  management review
  • Culture review
  • Change management review
  • SLA content reviews (internal and outsourcing SLA’s) 
  • SLA metrics review
  • Company/vendor overview review
  • Facilities review
  • Management review
  • Information systems review


If you have a need for expert advice in Due Diligence services, Contact our Human Capital Service division for a discussion.