Product Evaluation & Selection



At some point in time all organisations big or small will need to take the step of implementing or re-implementing systems to support or aid the improvement or overall efficiency of their organisations. When conducting a system selection the emphasis should be on selecting a product that can provide the functionality for relevant business processes, make the end-users job easier, get executive or management buy-in and most importantly provide acceptable return on investment for the business.


A Presence of IT led system selection project from the outset lists the above as the core considerations, also taking into account any client specific anomalies or complexities. Our methodology follows a structured approach with the initial engagement being with internal key stakeholders. Clear advice and time is spent ensuring stakeholders are aware of the requirements gathering process, who will tender, how vendor selection is done, the expected format of demonstrations and the final process for short listing and ultimately selecting a vendor. At all points the emphasis is on understanding and agreeing upfront what the selection and rating criteria is.


The benefits of and external party to perform a system selection are numerous, however some of the key mistakes made include:

  • the inability to successfully capture all requirements
  • reliance upon a potential vendor “demo”
  • the over emphasis on “how much does it cost” rather than what return can be expected, and
  • a selection bias because of previous experience good or bad.

Next Steps

Presence of IT has led many successful system selection projects for its clients, and would welcome the opportunity to share our experience with you. You'll find our contact details on our Contact us page.