Implementation & Upgrade



When you decide to implement an HR software solution or upgrade your existing solution to a later version, you require a great deal of planning, product experience and understanding of how the software can be used to achieve your business objectives. Presence of IT is able to leverage its focus as a dedicated Human Capital services business, its significant experience in project management and our unequalled knowledge of our supported software solutions to provide you with unmatched service confidence.

Buying into a new software solution is an exciting time for your organisation ~ management and employees have high expectations of these tools to support and improve their daily worklife, but are sometimes unaware of the process changes required, complexities of managing data flows within the new system or across other systems,  or the effort required to facilitate a smooth transition for affected employees .

Human Capital software has also become highly sophisticated over the last decade and setting up these systems to be effective, requires multiple skillsets to come together in a well orchestrated fashion. Presence of IT has mastered these requirements and together with our accelerators, tools and methodologies are able to work with you to achieve a successful roll out of your solution.

During an upgrade of your current systems, different dynamics are at play particularly if you have modified your current software. Knowing how to avoid the pitfall is where Presence of IT has proven to be a valuable trusted advisor for our clients. 


Next Steps

If you are considering new HR related software, we are able to assist you with product evaluation and selection services to ensure you are buying tools that support your current requirements and future business needs. We are also able to help you assess your current solutions viability, effectiveness and need for upgrade through our True Position services.