Integration & Developments

Presence of IT recognise that organisations often have individual business requirements that cannot always be addressed adequately by package solutions. Our Integration Services consultants can provide advice on and develop specialised, fully integrated software applications that enhance existing system functionality. This allows organisations to leverage existing software investments, gain additional functionality that the existing solution does not provide, and ensure higher levels of acceptance, effectiveness and return on investment.


  • Presence of IT focuses on delivering highly flexible solutions that give the customer maximum control over how the product operates. Therefore as new business requirements evolve the customer can tailor the product without the need for ongoing external consulting advice.
  • Flexible designs are achieved by making business functionality part of the product configuration; delivering applications to allow easy maintenance of the configuration; and ensuring adequate knowledge transfer.
  • Specific attention is paid to the cost of ownership, maintainability and portability from version to version as part of any solution.

Presence of IT utilises a range of technologies to deliver solutions that can be used across multiple platforms. Browser-based user interfaces enable easy rollout to large numbers of users and reduce the dependency on operating system versions.

Next Steps

If you have a technology need that is not supported by your standard solution, Contact us for a discussion on resolving your issue. Also read up on our Assessment and Review services that can assess your current environment and technologies for optimisation opportunities.