Self Service (ESS / MSS)

Improve your employee satisfaction and your bottom line at the same time. Empower employees by introducing Employee Self Service/Manager Self Service functionality that allows them to participate in day to day Workforce Management activity effectively lifting the responsibility and cost associated with routine and repetitive tasks typically performed by your more expensive operational and payroll management.


Modern Workforce Management initiatives often drive at introducing solutions to better manage your people, your resources and your processes for business benefit, which at times employees and/or supervisors feel threatened such as introducing time collection devices. You can greatly enhance acceptance of such changes by giving something back to the employees. Give them the visibility and/or control of Workforce Management processes that give them a sense of participation and ownership by making ESS/MSS functionality available to them. Don’t be single point sensitive when it comes to Workforce Management, go beyond Payroll and HR and open up your workforce data to your people.

ESS/MSS functionality that will empower your employees typically includes:


  • Kiosk Functionality:
    • Visibility to leave entitlements eliminating the need to call “payroll” or the “boss”
    • Visibility to timesheet totals
    • Visibility of rosters for more accurate employee and business planning
    • Ability to communicate via messaging
  • Workforce Functionality:
    • Ability to perform costing transfers as they occur increasing data accuracy
    • Ability to enter information regarding current projects or jobs
    • Meal and other allowance cancellations
  • Manager Controlled Functionality
    • Leave approval electronically eliminate the need for error prone paper systems
    • Overtime approval for cost control and future reference
    • Biometric enrolment for onsite security and data accuracy
    • Scheduling functions
    • Payment override options at the time they occur improving accuracy of data
  • Process Workflow Functionality
    • Leave application eliminating the need for error prone manual systems
    • Shift Bidding for better planning and staff utilisation
    • Shift swaps for employee satisfaction and business continuity


ESS/MSS functionality can be provided in the form of:

  • Online Transactions performed via web enabled solutions
  • Fixed or Mobile Time Collection devices

At Presence of IT we realise the importance of your biggest assets – your employees and understand the need to empower them whilst improving your Workforce Management structures. Let us assist you in defining best practice Employee Self Service and Manager Self Service solutions.