For most businesses the cost of labour is their largest single expense, so why do so many businesses miss the opportunity to control these costs with improved rostering and scheduling solutions. Using a medical analogy we liken time keeping to a “cure” and rostering as the “prevention”.

At Presence of IT we appreciate the need to better manage your workforce. One of the key areas of achieving efficient workforce management is to better plan your labour resources. Modern rostering solutions provide the visibility and tools to make informed decision to control business demand. Rule based engines can calculate coverage needs and will ensure you have the right people in the right place based on business demand. Modern rostering systems also give you the flexibility to “override” these rules when things change as they so often do when it comes to rostering.

Introducing efficient rostering applications and improving your workforce planning processes will benefit your business in areas that include:

  • Real-time Costing - Visibility to your operational or labour budget owners who can proactively manage or manage cost to a business KPI.
  • Controlled Labour Utilisation– Visibility of knowing where your employees are scheduled to work decreases availability conflicts, limits the need for extra shifts or longer shifts resulting in expensive overtime.
  • Compliance – Ensure you are abiding by legislation, OH&S and specific company policies.
  • Replacements – Identify the right people for your “open” shifts based off specified criteria including Skills & Certification, Costs and Availability – reduces labour expenditure and saves time looking for employees to cover shifts.
  • Reduce manual processes – Create recurring rostering patterns to rollover from period to period. Save time with quick efficient editing capabilities.
  • Casual or Agency Labour – Reduce the need for higher rate resources that could be covered by your fixed cost permanent workforce.

Within Presence of IT we have the expertise and experience to better control your largest expense. Let us work with you to recommend a solution path that is right for you based on your business needs.