Time & Attendance

Not knowing where your employees are or what they are doing can often be expensive in our ever evolving “real time” need for information. Automated time collection solutions provide the visibility and data you need to manage what is often your largest expense that being Labour.


“Real Time” communication feeds into timekeeping applications allow you to know when your employees are onsite, if they have failed to show up, visibility of where your employees are via GPS and what they are working on. Various time capturing methods exist and each method has its role based on the nature of work and the work environment. The most common methods include;

  • Fixed location devices that are wall mounted, AC power driven, cable networked or modem driven device offering biometric capabilities, ESS/MSS functionality and other labour costing features.
  • Mobile devices typically for your Field Service workers generally captured via a hand held device including smart phones and PDA’s with connectivity via a valid network. Common data captured includes 
    • Start & Finish times for shifts and jobs
    • Project data for costing and billing
    • Maintenance and Work Order fulfilment
    • Inventory / Parts
  • Electronic Timesheets for your PC based employee’s typically white collar workers. These solutions offer the same functionality of a fixed location device however the user interface is via a specialist PC based application or common tool such as email.

All solutions serve their purpose for differing business requirements and are a powerful tool for your “Real time” workforce data needs. With the introduction of such time collection solutions the value to your business is realised by providing the following benefits.

  • Eliminate “buddy punching”
  • Minimise “time theft” associated with “manual or paper timesheets”
  • Greater controls to reduce your labour costs such as when your people are approaching overtime
  • Enhance employee satisfaction offering ESS/MSS options
  • Reduce your leave liability with controlled leave application workflow. “Paper Trail” methods are easy to lose.

Presence of IT appreciates the value of “Real Time” data collection and can help your business by providing expert advice, recommended solutions and experienced deployment options that suit your business needs.