Creating Value in Human Resources


There are many organisations, particularly service oriented businesses who believe that hiring the brightest people is the key to effective delivery. There is no denying that highly intelligent people are an asset to organisations, and often spearhead the creation of new thinking and ideas that ultimately lead to new products and services.

But there are so many inspirational stories about people who have become really successful, but are not regarded as gifted or highly intelligent. In his book, “Outliers”, Malcolm Gladwell shows that success is often influenced by a range of factors, including where we are from, the opportunities we had, the amount of time we put into our passions and that in all cases successful people don’t get to where they are alone – they always have been helped along the way.

What can we learn from this from an HR perspective? – A fundamental question asked in the book is “Why do some people achieve so much more than other?”  And the reasons the author puts forward are fundamentally different from the core objectives of those HR activities we see in organisations that are trying to build and retain a successful workforce.

So the real question for HR Departments is “Do your HR activities in Talent management, Performance Management, Career Planning, Mentoring & Coaching create successful staff?” or are they simply herding people along like cattle.

Presence of IT pride ourselves in being able to think out of the box, and will work with you to ensure the best value is created in your HR environments so that you achieve a sustained and successful  workforce. We are uniquely positioned to offer you tailored HR strategy, operations and technology solutions.

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