Social Media in HR


Social media is moving from being a set of fun tools on the internet that keep you connected to your friends and family to something that all good HR functions cannot ignore. Recruiting teams have for some time realised that sites such as Linkedin are proving to be extremely useful means of finding potential candidates. Even Facebook is becoming a way to gain further insights about applicants. But the real value for HR is not the ease of finding possible candidates, but the ability to build relationships and networks that can be easily tapped into and where new employees can go to start building their own work relationships even before the start.

We also note that as these social media are maturing, so they are starting to build bridges into other software tools that you use on a regular basis. These are fairly simple at this stage, such as creating a new contact in your Microsoft Outlook Contact list when you create new links or friendships. We are likely to see this phenomenon continue to grow and opportunities to link current employee profile information from their social media tools directly into your  HR databases is highly likely.

But although recruitment seems to be the obvious use of these social media or Web 2.0 tools there are some other exciting opportunities for HR to consider ~ for example, can social media be used to improve internal communications, build and share knowledge, improve team work and influence culture change within an organisation. Yes it can, and leading organisations are actively building this capability.

Presence of IT is a progressive thinking organisation, and are able to work with you to think about the future of your HR strategies and how technology can be best used. We’d be happy to talk to you about Social Media in your HR business.

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