Release of Oracle E-Business HRMS ExpressHR 16.1 & 16.NZ

Tuesday 29/03/2016 back to News & Events

Periodic updates are released for the ExpressHR solution to provide new and improved features to our customers. The following key enhancements and patches were delivered with Release 16.1 (in February 2016) and Release 16.NZ (in March 2016). All features listed below are available to our customers without needing any additional configuration steps, except where indicated.

Pay Advice - ability to email and other enhancements

ExpressHR includes a custom Pay Advice, which has now been further enhanced to include the following features:

  • Employees can now nominate an email address via self-service to receive payslips, so employees can view their payslips on-the-go without needing to sign into the system
  • Updates to the payslip layout make the payslip more compact, so most payslips can be printed on one page rather than scrolling across multiple pages, thus saving paper
  • Pay Advice is now z-fold compatible on A4 size paper, allowing for payslips to be folded & mailed


Employee Centre Enhancements

Additional navigation has been enabled on the left-hand bar of Employee Center. With this enhancement, the most common employee actions such as update of Personal Information, Phone, Addresses, Absences, etc. are now accessible via one click.


New Zealand Components

  • End of Year Statutory Updates: Following updates are being applied to ACC rates starting 01-Apr-2016:
    ACC Earner Premium Rate changes from 0.0145 to 0.0139
    Earner Premium threshold changes from 120070 to 122063
  • Employee Calendar: This ExpressHR component is used by Managers to get a visibility of availability of their teams and shows at-a-glance calendar view of employee absences and training. The NZ Employee Calendar now additionally shows Public Holidays
  • HR Assistant: Presence of IT’s HR Assistant tool is widely used by HR and Payroll Professionals to quickly query and review employees’ key details in one convenient location. A bug fix now allows pay run details to be correctly viewed for employees.

Enhancements to ExpressHR Reports

  • Assignment Validation Report: This report flags exceptions to payroll data both before and after running a payroll, thus allowing Payroll Officers to pro-actively act on any data issues which may have resulted in incorrect pay. As part of this release, the reporting framework has been enhanced to include an extensible framework to add customer specific validations.
  • Absence (Approved) Details Report: This reports on approved employee absences. Additional parameters have been added to the existing report which allows to filter absences based on the date these were created or last updated. This allows you to answer questions such as - “Can I get a list of absences that were entered in the system in the last one week?” After this release, you can.
  • Employee Accrual Report for Month End Comparison: For Financial month-end, outstanding leave liability dollars need to be supplied by Payroll Team. In Oracle, the default behaviour is that outstanding accruals are reduced by entire duration of an approved leave, as on the start date of the leave. This is a problem for long duration leaves, such as Maternity Leave. In such cases, the liability may be understated. This new report calculates the adjusted accrual figures, such that any leave that continues into the future is prorated so that days into next month are not considered in month-end reporting.
  • Partial Period Accrual Costing Detail Report: For Financial month-end, payroll officers need to supply salary/ wages liability for days between the last run of payroll and end of month. This new report estimates salary/ wages accrual by prorating the costing generated in any selected prior period. Costing values generated in the prior period are multiplied by a percentage supplied as a parameter.

Payroll Engine Enhancements

As part of this release, the ExpressHR Payroll Engine has been enhanced to include a number of new features. These features are automatically enabled for new customers. For existing customers, the features are enabled on request.

  • New formula for paid leave, to pay at average rate. This is useful to pay leave at average rate
  • New inbuilt formula for processing Bonus, where Bonus is super-inclusive. This caters to customers where Bonus payment is specified as gross payment, inclusive of super
  • New generic formula for leave accruals, which gives additional flexibility in meeting customer requirements where non-standard rules of accruals are needed.
  • Deductions formulas have been updated to accept override for protected earnings which can be specified in the employee’s element entry screen. This provides additional options to handle exceptions at an employee level.
  • Support for an extra People Group segment called ‘Shift Level’ has been added. This means that customer solutions can now be defined with more flexibility and options, especially to cater for scenarios where there are minor exceptions to awards for a sub-group of employees.
  • A new formula for employer charges, which calculates employer charges for industry specific awards, such as redundancy contributions to a central fund or training levy, etc.

Other Enhancements and Fixes

  • The latest applicable Oracle Critical Patch Updates (CPU) have been applied, containing collections of security fixes for Oracle products.
  • Performance of Presence of IT’s Payroll Verification Tool has been further improved
  • SIT Expiry Alert template has been enhanced to optionally include values of segments within the SIT. Previously this alert showed the name of the SIT with upcoming expiry, but no information was provided about values within the SIT. This means that a Manager or HR Officer would get an alert about (say) an expiring background check, but they could not have known whether the background check that was expiring was related to (say) Working with Children Check or Police Clearance, etc. With this enhancement, details of fields within the SIT can be included in the email, so that HR Officers or Manager can take appropriate action after viewing information from the email.

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