Presence of IT announces ‘Digital Cloning’ for SAP HR Solutions

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Digital Cloning to deliver faster ROI and time to benefit for SuccessFactors HR and Payroll solution platform tailored to cloud-based enterprises

Sydney, 15 November 2016  -Presence of IT, an innovative global leader in HR/Payroll and Workforce Management solutions, today announced a first to market approach to significantly speed up the time to benefit and ROI for clients looking to deploy SuccessFactors solutions across their businesses.

Presence of IT is the first organisation to provide ‘digital cloning’ for SuccessFactors to the market, cutting the average HR technology deployment time down by 80%. Having implemented HR and payroll solutions for the past 17 years, Presence of IT is able to deliver SuccessFactors HR solutions in a matter of weeks, with the vast majority of clients only needing to add their own data in order to realise the benefits from their investment in SuccessFactors.

While Rapid Deployment Solutions (a pre-configured approach to software implementation, enabling a faster deployment) are an old world concept, ‘digital cloning’ is not; it is a new technical innovation in SuccessFactors software implementation that powers Presence of IT’s new range of solution offerings named DNA. The DNA solutions offer clients a significantly more comprehensive solution at a fraction of the time and cost. Presence of IT’s expertise puts them in a privileged position to offer clients a total solution which is fully featured and incorporates their organisational learnings acquired from our years deploying HR and payroll solutions globally.

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Presence of IT’s founder and co-CEO David Brookes said: “In this new age of cloud, we simply had to define a new approach to keep pace with our clients need to have HCM and Payroll solutions in place in a matter of days or weeks, rather than months, while still ensuring that scope and quality are not compromised.
“’Digital cloning’ means clients can expect a greatly reduced price point for implementations that will appeal to, not only the SME market, but also to the big end of town. During the past five years we have helped hundreds of clients globally migrate to the cloud. We have taken our combined learnings and applied a ‘20/20 foresight’ approach, where every implementation allows our next client to gain the benefit from the last. Now with cloning, future clients gain all the benefits of our global experience,” Brookes said.

“We have invested significantly to build a world class cloud project delivery platform and governance solution which is used in each and every one of our SuccessFactors deployments across the globe.
“Software is often not just about rapid implementations, it is about achieving a business outcome and improving business effectiveness, be that achieving the highest level of adoption or business value at a pace that is required to maintain a competitive advantage. Clients should expect highly engineered, dependable software outcomes from industry specialists.

“I am delighted that we have taken this innovative leap forward away from traditional approaches of rapid template-type deployments. I believe this will change our industry and software deployment in general. We look forward to great client outcomes.”

In closing, Brookes said, “Digital cloning is a great result for our clients, SAP and Presence of IT and further demonstrates the innovation and thought leadership that we continue to bring to market”. He went on to indicate that the DNA solution was the first in a suite of 100% cloud-based solutions that Presence of IT have developed for their clients, and that there were more announcements to be released in the coming months.


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