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HR needs to be responsive to the challenges of the new workforce.  Cloud solutions are keeping up with these demands, providing opportunities to meet the challenges of :

How does HR support the business and manage change in an environment like this?
  • Find the right people - quickly
  • Connect people
  • Motivate and reward people
  • Develop new leadership styles
  • Manage information
Transformation is not just HR cost efficiencies.  It’s stepping up to provide real business value.
HR Solutions in the cloud are a 'shared solution' - a functionally rich, one size fits all. Cloud solutions offer unique speed of implementation and innovation and are scalable and usable, a big daw card for HR over traditional HRIS/ERP. Capital expenditure is dramatically reduces as cloud solutions are a lower cost to operational expenditure, making it easier for organisations to change vandors (non-sticky arrangements).


To make the most of HR solutions in the cloud:

  • Prepare for a new way of working
  • Align with business strategy – what do you actually want to achieve?
  • Set appropriate KPIs and measures – what will you do with this information?
  • Skill up your HR team and managers – analytics and reporting
  • Redesign/integrate your end-to-end and network-to-network processes – seamless integration of cloud solution with business processes and across network platforms/solutions
  • Understand your data definitions, sources, mapping and security/privacy requirements and obligations
  • Confirm your policies – eg. Social networking @ work, BYD
  • Support and embed the change – transformational transition and training
A hybrid solution is going to be the most popular model in the short term (for customers and vendors).

Next Steps:

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