Before you dive in, a formal independent assessment will help you make informed strategy and technology decisions.

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Embrace your new powers

Cloud human resources tools give the HR teams – traditionally not technical decision makers – new levels of power to transform systems, and businesses. This new power can be both exciting and daunting. We partner with you to help you take charge of the new technology.

Take your people with you

While the technology can adapt rapidly, it’s people that fear and resist change. Cloud readiness means taking your people along with you for the journey. Presence of IT’s People Practice delivers change management, consulting and ongoing support.

Move at your own pace

Whether you want to shift your entire HCM solution to the cloud, or simply take a first step by streamlining one specific function, the flexibility of cloud solutions and our modular approach mean the choice is yours.

Is cloud HR right for you?

How is the cloud different?

There are many benefits of cloud HR solutions, but it is also important to recognise that they are different from traditional onsite solutions. Learn more

Make the business case

It’s no secret that the world’s most innovative companies are embracing the cloud in all areas of business. Learn why

Assess your readiness

Once you’re sold on the potential benefits, the next step is assessing your readiness in terms of people, strategy and approach. Learn more

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Before you dive into the cloud, let us help you make informed strategy and technology decisions to maximise the benefits. Learn more

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Conducted by experienced industry professionals, our True Position™ service is an objective specialist assessment to help you to establish your true Human Capital Management position and recommen...


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10 myths about cloud HR

Written by Rob Scott, Global Lead of HR Strategy & Innovation for Presence of IT, this report shines a light on some common misconceptions surrounding cloud based HR technology solutions.

“The effectiveness of SaaS is as much about the discipline it enforces in implementation and upgrade practices as it is about technical architecture.”

Jim Holincheck, Managing VP, Gartner