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It’s no secret that the world’s most innovative companies are embracing the cloud in all areas of business. Here’s why?

Tangible business benefits

Put simply, the cloud offers the irresistible appeal of fundamental business benefits like rapid deployment, simple support, flexibility and lower costs.

Reward for effort

Of course, realising these benefits isn’t a given. It relies on your business management, your people’s willingness to change, the capabilities of your technology partner and the successful negotiation of the challenging change management process.

The right partner

Having completed hundreds of human resource projects over the years, Presence of IT have identified and delivered all the benefits that you can expect from a successful cloud HR implementation.

Customer success story: Read how Yancoal Australia is transforming their Human Resources
function into a strategic business partner

8 key benefits of cloud HR:

Lower costs and predictable cashflow

With cloud delivery, you can access world-class human resource management software for an affordable monthly investment rather than a large upfront capital investment.

Fast-track the return on investment

With streamlined implementation methods and tools, pre-configured modules, proven software and simple support, cloud HR solutions are much faster to implement and start using – so you can realise a return on your investment much sooner.

Readily scalable

Cloud HR solutions are a functionally-rich shared solution that makes it easy to add users, integrate new modules and roll out to new offices – so they can grow and evolve with your needs.

Ongoing support, on demand

The centralised online delivery model means that your organisation doesn’t carry the IT burden for hardware, software or maintenance. Your supplier can offer remote support as required.

Access anywhere

The latest cloud HR solutions are accessible securely by desktop and mobile devices, so your employees and managers can do what they need to do from wherever it suits them.

Secure your data

Leading Cloud HR platforms are hosted in state-of-art data centres with world-class security, fail-safe backups and guaranteed uptime.

Lower risk and simpler compliance management

Technical, legal and compliance updates can be managed for you, providing a stable and optimised HR solution.

Effortless upgrades

Regular upgrades and new functionality are added as part of the subscription so your system is always up to date.


By first identifying your HR and business objectives, you can realise outcomes quickly and maximise long-term benefits.

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