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It’s not all about technology. It’s about readying your business strategy, change management and planning to maximise the benefits.

Better but different

There are many benefits of cloud HR solutions, but it is also important to recognise that they are different from traditional onsite solutions.

Change your thinking

While they collect similar data, perform similar functions and have the same business objectives as traditional HR systems, cloud-based solutions demand a different mindset and flexibility to adapt existing processes to the new technology.

Business + people + technology

Presence of IT is uniquely positioned to partner with you on change management for your teams, as well as the technical transformation to enable you to maximise the benefits of cloud HR.

Cloud Difference

What are the core differences?

Dynamic and evolving

Cloud software is always improving so you can expect ongoing software releases and regular new features. While this is a benefit, it requires effective governance and more business agility than was required with older systems that rarely changed.

Two-way collaboration

The addition of real-time collaboration tools accelerate many previously slow processes, and fundamentally change, and bring closer, the relationships between employees and managers.

Best practice requires change

Cloud solutions come with proven tools, templates and best practice processes built in, which means your business processes will need to be flexible enough to adapt to new ways of operating.

Faster rate of change

As a pre-configured and hosted solution, cloud HR systems can be rapidly deployed along with lots of new features – so you need to make sure you’re ready to run with it!

Remote support

The software is hosted in a world-class data centre and maintained remotely, so there is less reliance on your IT department, which frees them up to be deployed to more strategic tasks.

Data secured offsite

The leading cloud HR platforms as used by Presence of IT are hosted in state-of-art data centres with world-class security, fail-safe backups and guaranteed uptime.


Before you dive in, a formal independent assessment will help you make informed strategy and technology decisions.

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