By first identifying your HR and business objectives, you can realise outcomes quickly and maximise long-term benefits.

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Pick and mix the modules for you

The SAP SuccessFactors HCM Suite includes modules covering all aspects of human resource management, and each can be deployed as powerful stand-alone modules or integrated seamlessly to define your requirements.

Secure, fast and cost-effective

And it’s secure and scalable cloud architecture, means you enjoy rapid deployment, fast results, and continuous innovation at a lower total cost of ownership.

Hit the accelerator

With our Accelerator: + Series you can deploy your cloud HR solution in just weeks with our pre-configured packages including all the software and specialist services you need to get up and running fast! Learn how

What do you want to achieve?

Make people your competitive advantage

Employee Central lets you drive initiatives, align your people and transform HR into a strategic competitive advantage. Learn how

Combine the power of payroll with core HR

EC-Payroll by Presence of IT creates an end-to-end cloud human capital management solution. Learn how

Attract, select and hire the best talent

An end-to-end recruitment tool delivering a competitive advantage to businesses that want to win and retain top performers. Learn how

Transform new hires into engaged employees

An onboarding platform to support, educate and engage new hires with tools covering compliance, orientation and socialisation. Learn how

Accelerate employee and business performance

Improve content, reduce costs and nurture talent with a blend of formal and collaborative learning, training and development tools. Learn how

Cultivate your next generation of leaders

Succession planning and career development tools to help identify key positions, talent gaps and emerging leaders. Learn how

Align your workforce with business objectives

Streamlines workforce alignment, goal setting performance management and ongoing dialogue between HR, managers and staff. Learn how

Motivate and reward your top talent

A compensation tool used by 1,300 customers worldwide to reward and motivate high performers to drive business success. Learn how

Track and optimise the things that matter

Workforce planning and HR analytics including a library of 2,000+ metrics, benchmarks and best practices to help you forecast and plan. Learn how

Get your teams really sharing

You can now deliver a single, secure social collaboration foundation across your entire business. Learn how

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What do HR executives want from an IT partner?

See how the combination of expertise and technology makes working with Presence of IT a complete solution compared to others.

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How our people advisory services can help

People Advisory ‘Why’ video: Watch this video to see how Presence of IT's People Practice can help your business.


Top questions CIOs ask cloud HR vendors

While the benefits of HR cloud solutions are compelling, CIOs want to know what’s what under the hood. From security to platform, this paper responds to the top concerns of enterprise CIOs.


Driving business results through pay-for-performance

Historically thought only for sales professionals, more and more large companies are beginning to tie compensation directly to employee performance to drive results. However most companies lack the...

Insight: Default model

“Software as a Service (SaaS) will become the default model for HR technology deployment…”

Paul Hamerman VP, Principal Analyst Forrester Research