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Motivate your top talent and stop overpaying under-achievers

Compensation is one of the largest business expenses, but it’s not just a question of budget. It’s important for the future of your organisation.

More options than ever

If high achievers feel under-valued and neglected, there are plenty of other employers waiting to hire them.

Escape the spreadsheets

Many companies still use spreadsheets to deal with compensation. With several sheets on the go at any one time, and people emailing them around, they’re error-prone and inefficient – to say nothing of the security risk.

Integration pays off

By integrating with talent management and payroll systems, the latest tools empower you to pay your people based on performance, retain top talent and increase productivity.

Solution: SuccessFactors Compensation

A market-leading solution used by 1300 customers worldwide, SuccessFactors Compensation makes it simpler to appropriately reward and motivate your best people to drive business success.

It also enables you to see at a glance where your compensation budget is being misspent, while streamlining the complexity of compensation with multiple components.

Features & Benefits

Intuitive user experience

Built with an easy use interface and inbuilt tools and metrics to simplify your compensation processes.

Meet budgets

Data for audits is automatically captured and stored.

Eliminate bias

Clearly link performance and compensation with objective data and metrics. Pre-built templates let you visually compare individuals using detailed views and filters.

Remain compliant

Streamlines workforce alignment, performance and ongoing dialogue between HR, managers and staff.

Centralised components and planning

Coordinate multiple benefits such as salary, bonus, equity and more, plus flexible budget modelling support cascading and global merit planning.

Keep it local

With forms available in over 37 languages, tailor your goals and data to the specific needs of a country, region or business unit.

Meet business objectives

Track financial and business goals and compare target metrics to actual results to determine payouts.

Peace of mind

SuccessFactors has some 3,600 customers and 20+ million users across 177 countries in 35 languages so you’re in good company.

Power of the cloud

Like all SuccessFactors solutions, cloud delivery means you’ll benefit faster and won’t overload your IT department.


By first identifying your HR and business objectives, you can realise outcomes quickly and maximise long-term benefits.

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Seamless integration:

While powerful as a stand-alone module, the Compensation module can integrate seamlessly with other SAP SuccessFactors HCM Suite modules and third party software – including onboarding, performance management and goals and succession planning – to fully optimise the performance of your company’s biggest investment – your people.

Accelerator: Compensation +Series

Deploy your compensation management solution in 6 to 12 weeks!

Now you can accelerate your compensation management implementation with our pre-configured +Series packages including all the software and specialist services you need to get up and running fast!

It’s an end-to-end system in the cloud featuring:

  • Preconfigured pay-for-performance plans (merit, salary and equity planning)
  • Budget planning
  • Compensation statements for base pay decisions
  • Manager worksheet for team incentive review
  • Calibration capability
  • Executive review process and more

Having completed more SuccessFactors implementations than any official SAP Services Partner Australia-wide, Presence of IT have combined years of deployment experience, industry standards, pre-designed modules and proven best practices to develop a pre-configured compensation management solution.

The Result: A streamlined process to accelerate your compensation management implementation to improve productivity, reduce costs and maximise ROI.


Let us show you why we are the 2016 SAP® Cloud HCM Solutions Reseller winner for Partner Excellence.

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“Compensation can be the single biggest cost to an employer, representing up to 70% of operating costs. And 54% of employees indicated that compensation was very important to their job satisfaction.”

Source: SHRM Research Report. Employee Job Satisfaction and Engagement: Gratification and Commitment at Work in a Sluggish Economy.