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Align your workforce to drive business objectives

It sounds obvious: your people achieve much more when they understand what you want them to do and why it’s important, yet many companies are unsure how.

Doing all the right things

Performance management is all about ensuring the right people are in the right roles, doing the right things in the right way. Done right, it can boost employee productivity by over 25 per cent –delivering huge return on investment.

It all depends on data

Having access to accurate performance insights can be the biggest challenge. With access to tools, data and automated processes, your leaders have all they need to align individual’s goals with company business objectives as well as identify, nurture and motivate top talent.

Solution: Performance DNA – Powered by SuccessFactors Performance & Goals

Performance DNA can ensure constant alignment between your organisation’s strategy and goals, improve workforce performance and accurately evaluate and recognise your top talent.  Performance DNA provides a comprehensive performance platform that ensures workforce alignment, delivers accurate assessments, and encourages dialogue among HR professionals, managers, and employees.

The automated tools and intuitive interface makes it easy for managers to translate performance insights into relevant rewards, retention and learning initiatives. It helps transform regular employee reviews into a process that drives business results and measures individuals’ contributions.


Rate team and personal performance

Use the Team Rater tool to assess groups and identify the top performers and future leaders.

Set goals and track progress

With 500+ preconfigured SMART goals and custom options, you can set cascading goals and monitor progress by individual, team or company-wide.

Build a meritocracy

Instil an objective meritocracy that rewards high performers and helps develop others.

Reduce compliance risk

Ensure compliance with Legal Scan tools.

Intuitive reports and interface

Gain insights into organisational performance at a glance with detailed analytics, real-time and easy-to-use tools for employees and admins.

Feedback management

Two-way feedback for meaningful reviews, plus managers can eliminate writer’s block with the in-built Writing Assistant and Coaching Advisor features.

Integrate outlook

Send Outlook review reminders and solicit feedback from co-workers.

Streamline reviews

Go fully digital to cut down on the time, costs, errors, inefficiency and hassle of paper-based processes.

Peace of mind

SuccessFactors has some 3,600 customers and 20+ million users across 177 countries in 35 languages so you’re in good company.

Power of the cloud

Like all SuccessFactors solutions, cloud delivery means you’ll benefit faster and won’t overload your IT department.


By first identifying your HR and business objectives, you can realise outcomes quickly and maximise long-term benefits.

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Seamless integration

While powerful as a stand-alone module, the Performance Management module can integrate seamlessly with other SAP SuccessFactors HCM Suite modules and third party software – including Microsoft Outlook – to fully optimise the performance of your company’s biggest investment – your people.

Ready-to-go: Performance DNA

Deploy your Performance Management and Goals solution in 3 weeks!

Performance DNA is a complete, ready-to-go Performance Management solution packaged with all the software and specialist services you need to get up and running fast! It’s an end-to-end system in the cloud featuring:

  • Performance review and goal templates
  • Competency evaluation and ratings
  • Predefined route map
  • Team rating
  • Self service and more

Having completed more SuccessFactors implementations than any official SAP Services Partner Australia-wide, Presence of IT has combined years of deployment experience, industry standards, pre-designed modules and proven best practices to develop a pre-configured performance management solution.

The Result: Your personalised ready-to-go core performance management solution.
Digitally delivered to improve productivity, reduce costs and maximise your ROI.


performance management

Features of our Performance and Goal Management Solution



Fully configured system based on best practices

Quick Guide

Ready to use quick guide feature



Role based permissions

Self Service

Employee and Manager Self Service


Inbuilt analytics capability to assist with reporting

Goals Library

To assist with developing SMART objectives


Goal Management for mobile devices


Key Talent Identification

Allows for easy identification of key contributors.


Assistance with Goal Creation

Writing assistant and coaching adviser functions

Let us show you why we are the 2016 SAP® Cloud HCM Solutions Reseller winner for Partner Excellence.

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Source: Riccardo Sebastiano PiaggiGroup Head of Organisation and Development, Parmalat