How will you cultivate your next generation of leaders?

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In a fiercely competitive global market, businesses successfully nurturing their future leaders with intelligent succession planning and career development tools enjoy a sustainable competitive advantage.

Greener grass

Effective succession planning and career development is a delicate balance. With talented employees and leaders now moving between jobs more frequently, career planning is more challenging than ever to attract and retain the best.

Nurture rising leaders

That’s why businesses need insightful tools to help identify key positions, potential talent gaps and the emerging employees that represent the future leadership of the business.

Make it happen

If you have identified a need to position your workforce to support future growth and drive business goals, we can help deliver the tools you need to make it happen.

Solution: Career and Succession DNA-Powered by SuccessFactors Succession & Development

Combining world-leading succession planning management software from SuccessFactors, with the specialist services and support from Presence of IT, we can deliver a complete, flexible and intuitive succession planning and career development solution in the cloud.

The SuccessFactors Succession & Development module enables you to build an effective succession plan and ensure an ongoing talent pool to fill critical roles. It gives you the visibility into employee experience, expertise, performance and career aspirations, to help you map staff movement and career planning.

Your enterprise can unlock the leaders of tomorrow with engagement, progression and skill development initiatives that streamline the development of your high potential employees.

Succession Planning Software Presence of IT

Features & Benefits

Reduce risk

Identify potential gaps, develop talent for key roles and assess the risks of turnover.

Succession organisation chart

Rapidly visualise talent gaps, optimise placements and assess risks using dynamic charts that bring data to life.

Ensure talent supply

In-built skills and competency libraries let you break down silos to identify talent and track the readiness of potential successors.

Faster, better decisions

Remove bias and make more objective decisions with side-by-side comparisons based on real data to find a best fit for each role.

Manage talent pools

Gain a dynamic view into your available talent as well as the tools and data to nurture and direct talent to where it’s needed.

Assessment at a glance

Impartially assess workers performance and skills using a range of user-friendly graphs, dashboards and reporting tools.

Track succession planning

Measure the effectiveness of your succession planning with a range of customisable reports and dashboards for at-a-glance tracking.

Automate processes and reduce costs

Take advantage of a range of tools to measure and streamline successor selection and automate processes to free up time for other activities.

Increase engagement, unlock potential

Match employees with open positions and empower them to set their own goals and advance their own career through ongoing learning and development.

Peace of mind

SuccessFactors has some 3,600 customers and 20+ million users across 177 countries in 35 languages so you’re in good company.

Power of the cloud

Like all SuccessFactors solutions, cloud delivery means you’ll benefit faster and won’t overload your IT department.


By first identifying your HR and business objectives, you can realise outcomes quickly and maximise long-term benefits.

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succession planning

Seamless integration:

While powerful as a stand-alone module, the Succession & Development module can integrate seamlessly with other SAP SuccessFactors HCM Suite modules and third party software – including onboarding, performance management and goals and learning – to identify talent now and manage the long-term continuity needed to execute your growth plans.

Ready-to-go: Career and Succession DNA

Deploy your succession planning solution in 4 weeks.

Succession DNA is a complete, ready-to-go Succession and Career Development solution packaged with all the software and specialist services you need to get up and running fast!
It’s an end-to-end system in the cloud featuring:

  • Preconfigured live profiles, scorecards and development plans
  • Talent flags
  • Targeted identification and nomination tools
  • Organisation chart management
  • Key user training and more

Having completed more SuccessFactors implementations than any official SAP Services Partner Australia-wide, Presence of IT have combined years of deployment experience, industry standards, pre-designed modules and proven best practices to develop a pre-configured succession planning solution.

The Result: A streamlined process to accelerate your succession planning and career development implementation to improve productivity, reduce costs and maximise ROI.

Let us show you why we are the 2016 SAP® Cloud HCM Solutions Reseller winner for Partner Excellence.

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