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Presence of IT’s SolutionTrac project approach is included with every project delivery, ensuring seamless, transparent and cost-effective deployment.

Adapt to a rapidly evolving workforce

Engaging the right project team is no longer an art, but increasingly a complex logistical science that relies on up-to-date data, real-time analytics and speed. SolutionTrac is our response to the workplace of the future.

Digital is the expectation

In all aspects of their business and personal lives, today’s professionals expect digital tools capable of streamlining complex information, ideas and decisions into seamless processes. SolutionTrac brings that sophistication to HR project delivery.

End-to-end project management

SolutionTrac digitises and automates all the important elements around people, process and technology accessible for project management and teams – whether they are permanent, contract or freelance.

Personalisation is the new standard

With talented people now demanding personal choice around where, when and how they work, SolutionTrac provides sophisticated tools using algorithms and analytics to better manage this diversity of preferences, skills and delivery channels.

Features & Benefits

Real-time transparency

Clients and implementation teams can track the progress of all their projects anytime on any device.

Social collaboration

In-built tools allow team members and managers to discuss projects, share content and provide updates at the press of a button.

Industry specific focus

Recognising the nuances across different industries, SolutionTrac includes capabilities such as private and public talent pools, skills availability and tracking, and tools to collaborate with peers across an industry.

Knowledge sharing library

Simply and securely store, manage and update all documents, information and processes related to a project in order to minimise effort and risk while maximising consistency and quality.

Performance reports and analysis

Keep track of deliverables and progress with intuitive reports and a single version of the truth to keep everyone on the same page and optimise results.

Proven workforce management practices

In addition to helping future capacity forecasting, scope management and project delivery tools, SolutionTrac features algorithmic optimisation solutions to help you engage the right skills at the right time.

Power of the cloud.

SolutionTrac is 100% cloud-based, which means that it is fast and accessible anywhere on any device, and won’t overload your IT department.


So, you’re ready to embrace the cloud and clear on what you need. Let’s roll out the right solutions for today, and into the future.

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