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Cloud is the Future

Cloud technology is rapidly becoming an integral part of organisations throughout the world. Digitised services and core business applications are dominating the workplace and saving… Keep Reading

Managing a Contingent Workforce

There aren’t many people who like travelling into work; early wake up’s and hours wasted commuting to and from the office. Would you prefer being able… Keep Reading

The Rise of the Omni-Channel, and How Retailers Can Benefit from WFM Systems

Have you ever seen a product online and then gone into the physical store to try the product out and… Keep Reading

Gamification in HR: Learning and Development

As discussed in the previous article ‘Gamification in HR: Recruitment’, gamification involves managers creating a game-like environment for business… Keep Reading

Gamification in HR: Recruitment

Just as the name suggests, gamification involves applying game-like elements and characteristics to real life scenarios. When used in a business atmosphere, gamification… Keep Reading

Benefits of a Learning Management System

Cloud software and cyber space are dominant forces driving our society, and mass innovation and cutting-edge technology now dominate the workplace. Having your ‘head in the clouds’ is… Keep Reading

Improving productivity with social tools

As tech-savvy millennials become an ever greater percentage of the workforce, corporate culture is changing rapidly. This paper presents a roadmap for navigating – and benefiting from – the changing face of your global workforce. Download... read more

Five tips to improve social recruiting

Social recruiting is just one aspect of a multi-channel recruiting strategy, but it’s one you can’t afford to overlook. With more than a billion users on Facebook and 200 million on LinkedIn alone, social networks are a great way to diversify your strategy. Download... read more

Optimising learning with analytics

All too often, training is managed without the tools to measure the real business impact and return on investment. This report discusses how business metrics and analytics can support your learning programs to maximise their impact across the business. Download... read more

Building your performance culture

This paper explores compensation management and pay-for-performance as best practices and what it takes to successfully integrate a diversity and inclusion policy into a performance-based culture. Download... read more

How to use compensation to motivate

Compensation has consistently remained one of the top five job-satisfaction factors for employees. This paper explores five common myths about compensation strategy and tips for creating a process where employees who get results are rewarded. Download... read more

Employee compensation

It’s the largest expense for most companies, yet compensation too often relies on error prone and unsecure email and spreadsheets. SuccessFactors Compensation seamlessly delivers the data you need to identify and reward high performance. Download... read more

The power of company-wide goals

This eGuide reveals how you can put the proven power of goal alignment to work at your organisation. It includes effective goal-setting techniques and shows how automated solutions can help get your employees working together on big picture tasks. Download... read more