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Presence of IT is Australia’s leading supplier of SAP HR and Payroll consulting services and tools, providing thought leadership, implementation, upgrade and support services to Australia’s largest private and public sector organisations. Our strength is in the excellence of our people and our focus is on our customers. This focus has enabled us to evolve into a global organisation – to better support our customers in the markets in which they operate.

Presence of IT has developed several tools which accelerate and facilitate SAP HR and Payroll implementations and ongoing maintenance.  These tools came about when Presence of IT consultants asked themselves if there was not a quicker and more effective way of doing the job. 


Our tools have grown out of the need to support a high number of customers in the most efficient means possible.  We continue to add to our toolset as a result of feedback and input from our own consulting staff and our extensive client base. All tools that have production data impact go through a rigorous UAT process firstly within the Presence of IT development data base, and then within the client’s test and production environments.

Our various tools are described below, with additional details in the downloadable document.



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Process Workbench                                                                                                                       top

The Presence of IT Process Workbench is designed to assist an Organisation achieve compliance to policy and process while driving efficiency and verifiability.  Essentially it facilitates employees following correct business procedures. It does this by establishing a menu of standard processes within SAP that are executed by the employee, and tracked by the system.


The Process Workbench is designed to help standardise and automate any business process across all SAP modules such as Payroll, HR, FI, PM, and eliminates the need for a manual checklist.  Some examples of these are, Payroll Processing, Reporting, Hiring, Terminating, Finance Month End and Off Cycle processes.  It provides audit trails which are logged and reported via a PDF status report.  It is not limited by a module and once the initial processes are loaded, you are able to deliver and drive further value throughout the organisation by building its own ‘Process lists’.  


Verification Tools

Payroll Verification Tool                                                                                                                            top

The Payroll Verification Tool is designed to assist organisations in reconciling their payroll with a robust run-to-run variance tool. The Verification Tool provides the ability to reconcile the payroll quickly and effectively reducing the reconciliation time by approximately 50%. The tool is able to report and monitor the differences between any two payroll periods in terms of percentages or on dollar amounts. The tool can also compare results between SA P and an external data source.

Time Verification Tool                                                                                                                                  top

The Time / Leave Verification Tool allows organisations to monitor and report on all Time Evaluation Results (B2 Cluster). The Tool will allow Time data to be compared from one month to another showing where variations exist. The tool can also compare Time results between SA P and an external data source and will be particularly handy for Support Pack applications as Leave balances are often missed.

POP Tool- Presence of IT employee replication tool                                  top

POP is Presence of IT’s SAP HR and payroll data replication tool. The POP tool ‘populates’ or extracts and loads employee related PA and PD/OM data with minimal intervention from IT HR and Payroll support staff. The tool is primarily designed to support the common data requirements across different systems and client databases for training, testing and project implementations purposes such as:

  • Copy a single employee from production to test to enable replication and analysis of a production issue
  • Extracting production data for storage in a local flat file that can later be uploaded to another system or client
  • Copying a sample of 100 employees and renaming (scrambling) their names and numbers etc. for testing
  • Storing a foundation set of employee related data for weekly replication into a training client prior to training delivery

Emailing of Payslips                                                                                                                 top

This Presence of IT solution allows payslips to be emailed directly to employees as PDF attachments without the implementation of ESS. The functionality will allow the payslips attachment to be encrypted with password protection. Some of the functionality and benefits include:

  • Ability to easily email Payslips
  • Produce one PDF Payslip file for multiple employees or multiple periods
  • Preview of PDF Payslip on screen prior to download
  • Add Email Text in selection screen
  • Payslip Message program no longer required
  • Easily reprint and email payslip in PDF format
  • Reduce cost in Producing hardcopy Payslips
  • Environmental friendly

Audit Report                                                                                                                                     top

The standard SAP Audit Report produces a lot of unnecessary data making the report difficult to manage and work with. The enhanced Presence of IT Audit Report simplifies and reduces the report output making identification of actual changes easier. The Audit Reports will significantly reduce the amount of time to review changes as the report only displays fields that have actually changed. Indirect evaluation wage types will display dollar amounts rather than $0.00 and also determines if the data was changed as a result of an Personnel Action being run. The Audit Report has Flexible output options.


Dynamic Rostering                                                                                                                           top

 The Dynamic Work Schedule Generator provides a mechanism to automatically generate work schedules directly in a Production environment, eliminating the need to manually configure the work 

schedules in Development and transport them to Production. Therefore the data is considered master data. The end user does not see configuration table entries when automatically generating the dynamic Work Schedule Rule, enabling the user to create the following with no technical knowledge and minimal training:

  • Break Schedules
  • Daily Work Schedules
  • Period Work Schedules
  • Work Schedule Rules
When the user creates a Work Schedule Rule they are prompted to enter the planned working times for each day. Based on this information, the system will check for the existing configuration. If there is not an existing table entry meeting the requirements, the program creates the appropriate entry and then generates the Work Schedule Rule ready for use. 


Superanuation Choice of Fund                                                            top

 The tool establishes a ‘master data’ maintenance function in which payroll administrators can create new superannuation funds without the need for transportable system changes. This entails creating new super funds as Vendors against a generic Human Resource Super Choice fund. The benefits include

  • Uses both the existing Payroll and Accounts Payable SAP functionality without the need for additional payroll configuration with each new fund.
  • Posting vendor is performed at FI/CO runtime using a user exit.

Payroll Locking Tool                                                                                                            top

The Payroll Locking Tool allows for Payroll Departments to control access to master data maintenance during times when a Payroll Area is released for Payroll Correction – allowing only specified users to make changes to master data during the payroll corrections phase.


The tool also prevents ESS and MSS Services updating master data while payroll has began processing.


HR Analytics Packages                                                                                                    top

When properly designed and implemented, SAP business warehouse (BW) acts as a foundation for all information distribution and reporting needs, and provides a ‘single version of the truth’. Through direct access to this data, business intelligence (BI) solutions minimize the time spent gathering data and maximize the capability for reporting, analysis and fact-based decision making.


Visit the SAP Planning and Analytics page


Accelerated HR & Payroll Template                                                                      top

Presence of IT provides Australia’s largest specialist SAP HR/Payroll consulting expertise. With this experience and the need to keep costs to a minimum, Presence of IT has developed a Fast Track HR/Payroll implementation template to help achieve this. The Presence of IT Fast Track HR/Payroll implementation template has been designed to help companies reduce the costs of implementing an SA P solution by delivering a pre configured core HR and Payroll template.


The template caters for a typical payroll implementation, including Enterprise Structure, Core HR, Payroll, Time Management, Finance, Reporting, Data Load templates and Interfaces. Some of the Presence of IT Tools will be delivered with this package. The template implementation is focused on implementing basic HR and Payroll for Australian employees being paid Weekly, Fortnightly or Monthly.


Security Template                                                                                                                 top

The basis of the SA P Security Toolkit is to enable the implementation of Security for HR, Payroll and Finance to be fast tracked reducing implementation effort. Presence if IT has implemented a standard approach to the context sensitive solution taking into consideration the introduction of the new authorisation objects and enhancements in relation to structural authorisations.


The Presence of IT solution provides a predefined set of roles that enables the quick implementation or redesign for HR and Payroll. Other functionality includes:

  • Mass Delimit/Delete Roles from Positions
  • Role/User Menu Generation
  • Authorisation Object Download/
  • Upload Program
  • Standard Template for Role Design
  • User Auto Lock

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