Learning Management

Learning has become a critical focus for many organisations, and we are proud to have built skills and expertise in this area that have resulted in significant returns for our clients. Presence of IT implemented the first SAP Learning Solution in Australia and since then have a number of reference sites displaying our insight and knowledge of this tool. 


Presence of IT recommends the implementation of SAP Enterprise Learning to meet your business drivers and current and future requirements. This recommendation is based on the following key benefits that cannot easily be achieved with other LMS products/solutions:

  • Ability to leverage your existing HR and training information
  • Tight integration with other SAP components, including time management, finance, workflow and security, to reduce the need for manual processes and custom integration
  • A configurable web-based user interface to address adoption/productivity requirements and form the foundation for further online services
  • Single source of truth for employee qualification and compliance information

The diagram below represents the main SAP Enterprise Learning components and highlights the functionality that is delivered by leveraging the core SAP solution. 

 SAP Enterprise Learning (Functional Component View)


SAP Enterprise Learning provides a comprehensive, blended learning environment. It supports traditional classroom training, virtual learning and different forms of e-learning. The major components that make up the SAP Enterprise Learning environment include:

  • The Learning Management System (evolved from SAP Training & Events Management) to control learning processes and manage the course offering
  • A Learning Portal, providing the web-based learner with a personalised learning environment
  • An Instructor Portal, providing the web-based instructor with a personalised instructional and tutoring environment
  • An Authoring Environment to support the creation of tests and structuring of e-learning content
  • A Content Management Component to manage learning content
  • A Virtual Learning Tool powered by Adobe Acrobat Connect Professional to conduct distance learning sessions (optional). 

Next Steps

If you are considering implementing a Learning management Solution, or would like to know how we can help you define a solution that supports  learning and talent management, contact us for a discussion.