Presence of IT has found that capital expenditure, time to implement and ongoing maintenance costs can be drastically reduced as business uses operational expenditure to fund 'best of breed' cloud systems and services.  A greater focus on workforce performance and analytics also enables greater productivity and improved decision making.

Using innovation to drive real results

To drive better business execution, you need technology that’s easy to use (so people will actually use it) but also sophisticated enough to tackle your biggest business challenges. It’s not easy to balance those two needs, but SuccessFactors technology makes customers smile and earns raves from analysts who rank SuccessFactors as the industry leader, by developing innovative solutions and continual improvement in these three areas:

  • Cloud: With cloud solutions, you don’t buy or maintain expensive hardware. You get a lower, predictable monthly cost and faster time to value. We deliver continual innovation with four releases a year and automatic upgrades. It’s more flexible, scalable, and secure, and it's faster than traditional software.
  • Platform: BizX Suite contains a core set of functionality that is common across the entire software suite, whether you deploy the full BizX Suite or just one part of it. You get a seamless, integrated experience that encourages sharing information and gaining insight into your business.
  • Mobile: With smartphones and tablet computers, you can take advantage of the power of BizX Suite, anytime, anywhere. You’ll be able to get a job offer in the hands of a key candidate, answer a question that’s holding up a deal, or take action to keep a project on schedule.

Too many technology companies are merely interested in justifying the cost of their products with return on investment (ROI). That view is too narrow for SuccessFactors, who strive to increase the execution of every company they work with by 50 percent. That’s return on execution (ROX), and it goes far beyond ROI.



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