Presence of IT Tools

At Presence of IT we have learnt that organisations often have individual business requirements that cannot always be addressed adequately by pre-configured template solutions. As the market leader in ERP HR and Payroll implementations, Presence of IT is in an enviable position to ‘accelerate’ implementations without compromising best practise. 

Presence of IT has taken their collective ERP solution experience and developed several tools which accelerate and facilitate SAP, Oracle and Kronos HR & Payroll implementations. These tools came about when Presence of IT consultants asked themselves if there was not a quicker and more effective way of doing the job. For example, the verification tool reduces the payroll reconciliation time by approximately 50%.

Our tools have grown out of the need to support a high number of customers in the most efficient means possible. Through our support base, enhancements and corrections are identified and added to our toolsets. Depending on the nature of the change, either updates are passed to our entire impacted customer base or are provided through our account managers. All updates are controlled within our customer sites to ensure minimal impact on business. All tools that have production data impact go through a rigorous UAT process within our client’s environment testing and production environments. 

Types of Tools

Follow the links on the left hand menu of this page to see the package specific tool offerings. Our tool set includes:

  • Payroll Verification tool: designed to assist organisations in reconciling their payroll with a robust run-to-run variance tool.
  • POP tool: populates’ or extracts and loads employee related personal and organisational data.
  • Email tool: provides a multitude of functions for payslip handling.
  • Superannuation Choice of Fund: establishes a ‘master data’ maintenance function.
  • Payroll Locking toolallows for payroll departments to control access to master data.
  • Leave Provision Calculationsto allow your company to modify the leave provision tables.
  • Audit report: provides useful outputs such as determining if an action has been run and if a data element has been delimited.
  • Data Conversion Workbench: provides functionality to convert employee related data from disparate systems.
  • Process Workbench: designed to assist payroll officers in following complex or rarely performed system based processes.